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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: LIEberman From 1998 and a Few Local Shows From The Archives

Sunday, January 27, 2008

LIEberman From 1998 and a Few Local Shows From The Archives

Hello once again to everyone who's watching the TV show and reading this blog. Here's the next batch of shows from the archives. First up is an interview from 10 years ago - in 1998 with Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

For me, it is interesting to see the change in Sen. Lieberman from a concerned senator to a rabid neocon. I've already heard from a few people via YouTube on this show about how different LIEberman is now in 2008 than he was in 1998. What a difference a decade makes!

In this episode we discuss many of the issues of the day from education to the corruption with Clinton's White House and his concerns with these issues.

From 2001 is a show from October of that year interviewing four candidates for political office in Bethel, Connecticut.

These three candidates were Jim Bryan for Selectman, Barbara Coles for Board of Ed and Patricia Wilson-Perkins for Board of Ed.

All of the candidates were incumbents and were endorsed or co-endorsed by the Pro Bethel Party.

Over the years I've listened and called into Wayne and April Winsley's radio show. On certain issues I've agreed with and on other issues disagreed with. The show went off the air in 2007.

This is part one of a two part interview.

This is part two of a two part interview.

Time Out Productions presents an interview with Fellow cable access producer Lynn Waller, the producer and host of "In Our Opinion" and who was covering Danbury for the elections that year and Gerry Mills of Bethel in a discussion of the issues leading up to the 2005 elections.

Both women are very knowledgable on the issues in their respective towns and this show made for some interesting conversation on the issues of the day.

This interview is from 2004 with then Danbury 6th Ward Common Council member Joel Urice. Mr. Urice is currently sitting on Danbury's Planning Commission and has for a few years now been co-hosting Lynn Waller's show "In Our Opinion". Her program has been running on Comcast Cable's Community Access Channel 23 for many years.

Covered were a variety of different issues including Joel's personal background.



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