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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Older Shows From The Archives

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Older Shows From The Archives

In case anyone is wondering about the order in which the past shows are going up onto the blog, its like this; they're going up in the order that I do them. I'm grabbing a tape (either 3/4 inch broadcast quality or 1/2 inch VHS) and encoding the shows that are on it. For me, it has been a very interesting trip down memory lane as I go through 11 years worth of shows.

I'm still encoding the current ones and getting those up into cyber~space as well, so don't worry! ;)

First up is a few more shows that I've gotten the chance to encode fresh out of the "Time Out" vault. ;)

First up is a show that aired in late 2006. This was with jazz group The Creative Music Trio.

Featured are Phil Forbes on guitar, Pat Lavery on stand up bass and Gary Fiandra on drums.
They played a lot of really great sounding jazz that evening and I've booked them for another taping in late March of 2008 so you'll be seeing them on the show in perhaps early April.

Next is a two part presentation I did about eight years ago on Putnam Park. Joining me on the program was Putnam Park historian Henry Gibson and Janine Herman of the Friends and Neighbors of Putnam Park group to discuss the history of this Revolutionary War site and the steps that are being taken to preserve it.

This is part one of two.

This is part two of two

Around the same time period that I did the Putnam park shows, I had done this two part interview with two members from the Connecticut Robot Society and we talked about the field of robotics. Myself and many other people believe that this will be one of the biggest fields in the 21 century.

This is part one of two:

This is part two of two:

Last, but not least is what I personally thought was one of the best politically themed shows I had ever done. This show is from 1999 when Robert Crnic made his first run for the office of 1st Selectman and I ran as his running mate for Selectman in 1999.

This show aired the night before the election show and on the Tuesday afternoon of the election.

I hope you all enjoy this set of shows from the archives. Iam working on the next set right now.



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