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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: From The Archives & New Shows

Sunday, January 20, 2008

From The Archives & New Shows

Hello everyone!

As usual, I've been busy getting more shows from the archives into digital format. There are three websites that I upload to. First is YouTube and the TV show's presence there is so feel free to check it out.

The next two are Google Video and VEOH. Both have no size limits like YouTube's 100 megabyte limit. You find many of the 1 hour shows there in high quality and a few selected half hour shows also in a higher quality format.

The first show up is an interview I did with former Danbury Fair Racarena driver Lou Funk Jr. back in December 2006.

About two weeks ago, I interviewed for the second time Charlotte Iserbyt on the rampant vote fraud that has become apparent in the New Hampshire primary.

Next up is a show that never aired on Comcast because it was deemed to be "too commercial" in nature. This show was with Valerie Hoffman, an herbalist from Bethel, CT. This show was taped circa 1999.

Here is the third show with one world order researcher Dr. Daneen Peterson. She has been doing an amazing amount of research on the planned merging of Canada, the US and Mexico into one block, much like the EU.

Her website is

This is a live show from 2007 that was scheduled to be with Ed & Elaine Brown of New Hampshire to speak on their siege at their home with the authorities.

Apparently the cell phones were effectively jammed that evening and no calls could get through, so John McGowan and myself never got the chance to speak with Elaine Brown, who is now being held as a (political) prisoner in Danbury, CT.


Online Videos by

I had come across animator Greg Condon around year 2000. He is the guy that put together the two animated openings that I use. He's a graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts. Here is his appearance on the program.

The rock band Talking To Walls I've had on the show several times over the years. Here are the first two shows I shot with them with an earlier band line up.

At the time these shows were shot, the band's line up was John Deuth on drums, Mr. Scene on bass and vocals and Brian Kelly on lead guitar and vocals.

Part One:

Part Two:

This show was a very personal one for me to do. I talked to two cancer survivors about cancer and what they went through. Featured on the program was local Danbury Attorney Jeff Heyel and local radio personality Vinnie James.

My maternal grandmother passed away in 1977 of breast cancer. I dedicate this show to her memory.

Magician Peter James has appeared on the show a few times. This one featured him performing his act for a group of children.

Time Out Productions presents magician Peter James performing his act for a group of children.

Time Out Productions presents an interview done in early 2004 with Matt Paulsen (the chairman of the BAC) and Pro Bethel Party Chairman Bob Crnic on an ethics complaint that Matt Paulsen filed against Bethel, CT. school Superientant Gary M. Chesley for selling a 1992 Jeep Cherokee for $1 to the head of school maintenence Bob Geranaro.

They have not been on for a few years and I hope to get them back on the show again in 2008 and this is world champion kick boxers Benny "The Jet" Little in the Welterweight class and Herman "White Wolf" Arias of the Super Welterweight class.

I have had Benny Little on at least 7 or 8 other times and as I find these shows in the archives, I'll be putting them up.

Shown on part one is Mr. Little's world championship belt title defense. Circa year 2000.

Part two featured a few of the under card fights from that evening at the Mambo Cafe in Danbury, CT and also Herman Arais' title defense in the Super Welterweight class.

In March of 2006 I had the chance to interview Scot D. Lewis. In this conversation, we covered the work he did in his film "The Role" in which he wrote the screenplay, directed and starred in. The website for the film is

Back in 1999, Time Out Productions interviewed Mike Duff, a member of an appointed commission whom looked into updating the Senior Tax Relief program in Bethel, Connecticut. This is one of the interviews I did with him on the subject.

This is an interview from the year 2000 with then Bethel Selectman James Bryan.

The program that evening focused on the issues of that day and time and how he felt about it and what he thinks should be done about them.

This is a 2001 interview with then Selectman Jim Bryan when he was running on the Pro Bethel Party ticket for re-election in what what turned out to be a very interesting election year.

This was not only due to the tragic events of 9-11, but because the Bethel Democrats refused to support their own First Selectman candidate Jim O'Hara.



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