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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Time Out Presents John McGowan Excluded

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time Out Presents John McGowan Excluded

Time Out Productions presents an interview with 2007 Danbury, CT mayoral candidate John McGowan who was excluded from debating simply because he was running on a 3rd party line (The Concerned Citizen Party).

Mayoral candidate McGowan was told quote that he would be allowed into the room of the debate to video tape the event, but he couldn't take part in it even though he was a certified candidate by the Connecticut Secretary of State.

This interview with Mr. McGowan details this amazing turn of events in much detail.

Digging even deeper into this sad incident is the fact that someone called the Danbury Police to physically keep mayoral candidate McGowan from entering the debate as a candidate. In retrospect, there really were only two persons that day who could have authorized the police to be used in such an outrageous way. First was Stephen A. Bull who is head of the Danbury Chamber of Commerce which was the group running the debate and the other would be none other than current Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

If after viewing this video you feel that an injustice was done against mayoral candidate McGowan's civil rights, feel free to call the Danbury Chamber of Commerce and speak to Stephen Bull about how you feel. Remember, be direct and polite. His phone number is (203) 743 - 5565 and his e-mail is

Also feel free to call Mayor Mark Boughton's office. The telephone number is (203) 797 - 4511 and again, be direct, but polite and let these poeople know that this kind of political racism is inexcusable.



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