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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: New Shows From The Archives: A Look Back On Local Events

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Shows From The Archives: A Look Back On Local Events

Here is the next round of shows from the archives. I've got several that I believe are very interesting to those of you in the local area.

As I am watching these shows again as they are encoded, I've come to realize more and more just how much these local politically oriented shows are snapshots in time and are almost like the local area's diary.

First up are a set of shows that are unique because they were shot digitally and edited totally on the computer. Each show took about 80 hours each to do. Wayne Spiers digitally shot all of the footage, I shot all of the still photos and Wayne did the lions share of the digital video editing.

These shows were done in 2003 at the Sycamore Restaurant in Bethel and featured the old classic cars and hot rods that people bring to show off there since 1992.

Part One For The Sycamore Cars:

Part Two For The Sycamore Cars:

Next from the archives was an interview done with Bethel, CT's then First Selectwoman, Judy Novachek. Again, the snapshot principle takes affect as we are able to take a look back as to what the important issues of the day were in the year 2000.

The next show was done with Bethel's unofficial town historian (and now former Selectman) Patrick Wild on the history Bethel shares with Danbury, CT in its hatting history.

Joining Mr. Wild on the show is former six term First Selectman Cliff Hurgin. The late Mr. Hurgin also had a wonderful knowledge of Bethel's history, which was seen here on this program.

A staple to the TV show has always been the live show. This was an important one because this show came near the end of the battle with the town to get the town's elderly tax relief program updated. This live call in show featured Michael Duff who was appointed to the committee that looked into updating the program and Bob Crnic, the co-founder and chairman of The Pro Bethel Party, who was chiefly instrumental in getting the movement started and pushed through the update with the help of many of the town's seniors and myself.

This live show aired 15 March 2000.



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