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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: New Set Of Shows From The Archives

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Set Of Shows From The Archives

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. For those of you who read this blog and watch the videos posted here on a regular basis, I'll let you in on a little that has been happening here on my end with the computers. To put it lightly, it has been hellish. I've had both of my computers crash and my six month old 200 GIG drive is dead as well. It is this hard drive that holds all of my show's files and tons of other important things like family pictures and movies. Bummer. So if anyone out there reading this blog knows how to get data off of a dead drive, please let me know.

So now that I've gotten my computers back up, I have several shows that I had encoded to my computer and did not get uploaded before the crash. Here they are.

First up is a show with regular guest Chris Cox, who owner the pet store Tropical Exotics in Bethel. I have another show posted that I did with him on fish tank care and setup and this is my most viewed show on YouTube. In this edition he brings in a live Emperor Scorpion and a live Rose Haired Tarantula.

Christmas 2007 has just past, so lets take a quick peek back to Christmas 2005, with the Christmas show I did for that year.

This next guest is someone I have never met face to face, but I've had on the show three times now and his third appearance was just a few weeks ago. This is "Super Bowl Steve" and we continue our discussion on what he was told back in 1988 regarding what the world elite were planning to have happen in the early 21st century, the rime we are living in now. His website is if you would like to learn more about what he has to say.

Back before Ed & Elaine Brown were taken into custody, Pastor Butch Paugh had driven all the way up to New Hampshire to drop off some supplies for them. On His way back home, he very kindly took the time to stop in Danbury, CT were the show is taped and speak with me on their situation and a number of other issues. Also featured in this program is part of his presentation at the conference he ran back in early June of 2007.

From the time I had started the show over 11 years ago, I have always wanted to have to current sitting Govenor of Connecticut interviewed on the program. This happened back in 2006 when I interviewed CT Gov. M. Jodi Rell. We talked about several issues facing the state and the legislature. The editor to the Bethel Beacon showed up and the taping made the front page of the paper that week.

He was the first big guest I had on the show. His name is Wes Anderson and he is still considered by many jazz critics to be one of the finest jazz saxophone players in the entire world.

Like the show with Gov. Rell, this was a show that I wanted to do for a long time and got the chance to do so. I had gotten to know this man going back to 1994. He was for 17 years the saxaphone player in Wynton Marsalis' band. So back in 2000, he told me his was going to be in Norwalk, CT and we were able to get some wonderful footage of him playing live (with later guests) The Joyce DiCamillo Trio. That day we taped two shows with him. Here they are.

Part One With Wes Anderson:

Part Two With Wes Anderson:

The day we went down to tape with Wes Anderson, there was this wonderful jazz trio playing. I has approached them about being on my show and I got their business card. I set up with them a time to tape and as it turned out, this set of shows were in my humble opinion some of the best musically themed shows I've ever done.

The trio brought along some excellent video of them playing and the discussion around the table was very engaging and intense.

Part One With The Joyce DiCamillo Trio:

Part Two With The Joyce DiCamillo Trio:

Next is an early interview I did with Bethel Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gary Chesley. In This program, we had talked about the issues that were important at the time of the taping. It goes to show how the saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same" rings very true.

A few weeks before the Batman Begins movie came out in 2005, I did a show with Cave Comics store owner Pat Callanan. Pat, like myself, is a huge fan of Batman and we talked about the history of the character and the upcoming movie which starred Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred and a stellar cast to support them. It has become one of my favorite movies one that I'll take out and watch a few times a year.

Batman Begins is as a friend of mine told me, the best comic book movie ever made. I agree and the reason is because it seemed to me to have feel of a 1940's drama, very in depth character development and with a good look at how all of the characters relate to each other.

I met our next guest down in West Virginia at Pastor Butch Paugh's conference back in June 2007. Alexander B. Cuppett was an Action Officer in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. Cuppett has 31 years of active military experience with an above top secret security clearance. He speaks on a variety of issues facing the nation in this very intense show.



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