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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: October 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order

The Council on Foreign Relations
The Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
New World Order
World Government
North American Union
Military Industrial Complex
Federal Reserve fraud
War with Iran
U.S. Economic Depression
Martial Law
Big Brother Society
Police State
Cashless Society
Scientific Dictatorships
are all on our doorstep and most people don't even realize it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alan Watt Shows

Alan Watt is some I became aware of through former guest Warren Cuccurullo. Alan Watt is the world leading authority on culture creation, secret societies, how they work, what they believe, their history and what they are working together to bring about into the world.

From Alan's Website, here a "wee bit of background" on the man;

"Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man with a background in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For much of his life (for main income) he was heavily involved in the music industry as a singer/songwriter/performer involved in folk music, blues, pop, rock, and even classical. Also known for his session guitar work, he has played with some of the most well-known artists and groups.

Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.

With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. Learn the true esoteric meanings of mystery religions from one who knows.

Learn the science of Religion Creation-Domination. The latest book trilogy (Cutting Through Volumes 1,2,3) attempts to de-program the reader from his/her indoctrination from accepting the world as presented. These books help stimulate the individual's mind into a higher, truer perception. 12 Hour MP3's in history/religions from ancient times to present augment the books.

For Alan's current items for sale, visit and

Download hundreds of free talks by Alan, originally broadcast on various radio/TV/podcast shows."

Mr. Watt's radio show is heard on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) and show can be downloaded as a podcast.

Here is the first interview I did with Mr. Watt which serves as an introduction to who he is and his valuable research:

This was an impromptu show that was done a few minutes after the first one and this was on secret societies:

Next is a show taped on 3 October 2008 on the so-called banking "bail out" which is no more than a golden safety net for billionaires.

Here is the segment that was the beginning of one of John McGowan's programs and has been getting many hits on YouTube:

Here is the entire program:

I truly hope you enjoy these shows as much as I did making them.


Benny Little / Herman Arias Kick Boxing Clinic

I've had world champion kick boxer Bennie Little on the program many time, perhaps around 12 or 15 times. Here is an early show I did with him and super welterweight world champion Herman Arias in a demonstration of the sport.

Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 of 2


Pope John Paul II Pilot

These are two shows I did with Bethelites Rick and Joy Kisling. Rick is now a retired Captian who flew for TWA.

Captian Kisling had the honor of flying Pope John Paul II the last time he was ever in the United States. He flew the pope from St.Louis Missouri to Rome Italy. Both shows feature some beautiful pictures and video.

Part One:

Part Two:


John McGowan Presents 10 October 2008

This is the John McGowan Presents show for the 10th of October 2008 which featured Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster ( and discussed on the program for the full hour was the recent criminal so called "bail out" or golden safety net that the US taxpayers where being forced to give to billionaires both here in the US and to those foreign banksters that make up the private banking corporation known as the federal reserve.

Please pass the word around about this very important show and make sure that at least 10 people you know view it. This way, they will know, like you, who exactly you should be really be angry with.


Kevin Gallagher Videos

I once did what is called an "Ego Surf" on my own name to see how far up the Google listings the TV show had gotten and any other information that might have popped up in relation to it.

There are of course other people out there with the name "Kevin Gallagher" and one of these people is Kevin R. Gallagher out of New York City, who is a world class classical guitarist.

I had him as a guest on the show and yes, I did have a little bit of fun with the name thing and below is a show where I played up on this by having him host the Friday evening 1 April 2005 show. This was our little April Fools day joke for the viewers, because, after all, I did not specify which Kevin Gallagher would be hosting the show. Well, I am happy to say, that Kevin did a great job of hosting and his guest was fellow guitarist Dominic Frasca.

As I did below with the band Talking To Walls, here are a few songs performed by Mr. Gallagher from a few of some earlier shows I did with him. These were all beautifully produced by my crew, who deserve a lot of thanks for the amazing work they did.

Bach Allegro:

Elegy For Marianne:




Talking To Walls On Show Performance From 2003

Over the years that the show has been on we have featured many of the local bands. One of which is a band out of Fairfield, Connecticut called Talking To Walls. Here I have taken two of the songs they performed on the program and made them into their own short music video.

Talking To Walls Performing their song "Everything"

Talking To Walls Performing their song "Summer Kisses"


Friday, October 03, 2008

The Modern Thomas Paine

This video says many important things that really need to be said. We as Americans need to remember who we are and where we came from as a nation.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Latest Shows And A Few From The Late '90's

Once in a while a show will just drop into my hands and this show that I did recently with former soap opera actor from One Life To Live, Vance Jefferis. Mr. Jefferis played Dorian's nemesis Matt McAllister in 1974 and 1975.

On the program, he spoke about how the soaps are shot, bringing a real behind-the-scenes look at how a soap opera is produced.

Staying current, this is the John McGowan Presents show from Friday evening, 26 September 2008. Covered on the show was the international bankers power grab and the latest in the fight against the computerized voting machines.

Next up is an interview I did recently with candidate Toni Boucher for the Connecticut 26th District seat Toni Boucher. The will air later in the month of October.

One important note, ALL of the candidates who are on the program this year asked me to be on the show.

Also airing later this month in October, is candidate for the 2nd District Melanie O'Brien. On the show, she covers the issues that she feels are important to the district.

There is next to Comcast, where the show is taped, a wonderful Christian Arts and Life Center called The Bridge. On the show are two of the several founders talking about the center, what they do and what it means to them.

It sure doesn't seem like it, but this set of shows I did with political cartoonist Mark Brewer just over 10 years ago. We take a look at his art and his message and what it takes to be a good political cartoonist.

Show One:

Show Two:

Here is a set of two show I did in 1997 with then Bethel School System Superintendent Bob Gilcrest in 1997.

Part One:

Part Two:

2008 Memorial Day Parade

2008 Memorial Day Parade held in Danbury, Connecticut. Produced by Joe Pisinelli of On The Run Productions.

I have not done a "Best of" show for several years, but here is one I did for the year 1996.