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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: September 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's Hitting The Nail On The Head

Rep. Kaptur lets it rip on the so-called "Bail Out" or should I say golden parachuttes for the international bankers and the federal reserve.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

John McGowan Presents 5 September 2008

This is the John McGowan Presents show for 5 September 2008. Covered on the program is the false arrest of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, the history of alcohol as fuel and the racketeering policies at Bank of America.


Bank Of America Racketeering

Bank of America Racketeering

Bank of America will allow illegal aliens without any ID to open checking and savings accounts and even get mortgages. But in contrast to this very liberal policy, anyone who goes in to cash a payroll check drawn at that bank are now required show not only two forms of ID, but have to pay the bank $6 AND give them their thumb print in order to get their money. This is called racketeering and is a FELONY. Please contact Bank of America and tell them that you will BOYCOTT them and close your accounts until they change their policies.

Racketeering is defined as "The act of extorting money or favors from businesses through the use of intimidating tactics or by other illegal means, including assault, murder, bribery, and fraud."


Selectman Tim Burke 1999

In 1999, then Selectman Tim Burke sat down and spoke with co-host Michael Duff on why he was resigning as the head of the Bethel Park and Recreation Department.


Time Out 1996 Crew Cape Awards Show

This was a fun little show that then co-host Michael Duff and myself put together to say thank you to out crew that year. The TV show started in October of 1996 and the awards were handed out in 1997.

My show won that year for "Best Taped Talk Show" and the crew had received some certificates of achievement.

We thought it would be a good idea to had out these certificates during a show so that they could be recognized publicly for all of their hard work behind the scenes to make the show possible.


Rep. Lew Wallace

From 1999:

This is an interview with former Connecticut state rep Lew Wallace on the issues of the day back in 1999.


Two Shows With High Altitude Mountian Climber Heidi Howkins

Back around 2002, I interviewed high altitude mountain climber Heidi Howkins. Ms. Howkins hold the distinction of being the only female climber to lead climbs to both Mount Everest and K2. Featured on the shows is video footage taken during the climbs of Mount Everest and K2.

Part One:

Part Two:


Two Shows With John Cervino And Bart Busterna

From 1999 comes a set of shows with John Cervino, then Head Coach of WCSU Football and Bart Busterna, the sports director of WLAD in a look at their Football program.

Also from 1999 is a look at that year's Super Bowl. On the program that evening was John Cervino and Bart Busterna.


Cliff Hurgin Referendum Vote 2000

From the year 2000 comes an interview the former six term Bethel, CT First Selectman, the late Cliff Hurgin on his insights into a referendum vote on a public utilities vote. This is a highly insightful interview on how town government works.


Time Out Dr Ralph Wallace

From the year 2000:

This is an interview with then Ridgefield School system Superientendant Dr. Ralph Wallace.


From 1999: Then WCSU Head Coach John Cervino

From 1999 comes an interview with then WCSU Football Head Coach John Cervino on the WCSU football program.

Part one of two:

Part Two of Two:


Allan Golabek World Champion Water Skier 1999

Here is an interview with Allan Golabek. Mr. Golabek was blinded in a motorcycle accident that should have killed him about 20 years ago.

Instead of his blindness stop him from living life, he took up many new activities, one of them being water skiing and became the blind water skiing world champion.


Time Out Michael Duff 1st Selectman Interview 1999

From 1999:

This was an interview done with then show co-host Michael Duff regarding his run for the office of First Selectman on the Pro Bethel Party ticket.


Mills Interviews

Here's an interview from 1999 with former Bethel Connecticut 1st Selectman Ed Mills. Mr. Mills was 1st Selectman in 1982 and 1983.

This is another interview I did with Mr. Mills in the year 2000.

Next up is a two part interview I did with both Ed and Geraldine Mills. Ed is a former First Selectman of Bethel, CT and Gerry is the town's consumate activist.

This is part one of two:

This is part two of two:


John McGowan Presents For 29 August 2008

This is the 29 August 2008 edition of John McGowan Presents. Covered on the program is PA Lawyer Philip J. Berg and his lawsuit againt Presidential candidate Barak Hussien Obama to have Obama to prove that he is a natural born US citizen.

This is the full 59 minute show.


More From The Time Out Archives

Below are several more shows from the Time Out Archives. First up is one of bunch of interviews I did with then 5th District Connecticut Congressman James Maloney. Discussed on the program were the issues of the day.

Next up is a show I did with co-host Michael Duff which was a discussion of the current issues facing Bethel in 1997.

Back around the year 2000 we interviewed a few of the fine people from DAWS, the Danbury Animal Welfare Society and the work they do in rescuing and placing unwanted and special needs animals into the community.


Manuel Bataguas Interview

This is an interview I did with Manuel Bataguas who is running for the Connecticut 24th District Senatorial seat. Mr. Bataguas is running as an unaffiliated candidate.


Philip J Berg Lawsuit Against The DNC And Obama

A few weeks back, we had on my show and John McGowan's program the PA lawyer who is suing both the DNC and presidential candidate Barak Obama to prove that he is in fact a natural born citizen of the USA.

The first video is my one on one interview with Mr. Berg and gets into mainly the background of this important issue:

The second video is from John McGowan Presents and covers the more current information on the subject:


Saturday, September 06, 2008


Please watch this short video to get a good basic understanding about why the US dollar is loosing its value.

This video should help bring alot of really good basic understanding of this important issue.