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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Kevin Gallagher Videos

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kevin Gallagher Videos

I once did what is called an "Ego Surf" on my own name to see how far up the Google listings the TV show had gotten and any other information that might have popped up in relation to it.

There are of course other people out there with the name "Kevin Gallagher" and one of these people is Kevin R. Gallagher out of New York City, who is a world class classical guitarist.

I had him as a guest on the show and yes, I did have a little bit of fun with the name thing and below is a show where I played up on this by having him host the Friday evening 1 April 2005 show. This was our little April Fools day joke for the viewers, because, after all, I did not specify which Kevin Gallagher would be hosting the show. Well, I am happy to say, that Kevin did a great job of hosting and his guest was fellow guitarist Dominic Frasca.

As I did below with the band Talking To Walls, here are a few songs performed by Mr. Gallagher from a few of some earlier shows I did with him. These were all beautifully produced by my crew, who deserve a lot of thanks for the amazing work they did.

Bach Allegro:

Elegy For Marianne:





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