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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Latest Shows And A Few From The Late '90's

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Latest Shows And A Few From The Late '90's

Once in a while a show will just drop into my hands and this show that I did recently with former soap opera actor from One Life To Live, Vance Jefferis. Mr. Jefferis played Dorian's nemesis Matt McAllister in 1974 and 1975.

On the program, he spoke about how the soaps are shot, bringing a real behind-the-scenes look at how a soap opera is produced.

Staying current, this is the John McGowan Presents show from Friday evening, 26 September 2008. Covered on the show was the international bankers power grab and the latest in the fight against the computerized voting machines.

Next up is an interview I did recently with candidate Toni Boucher for the Connecticut 26th District seat Toni Boucher. The will air later in the month of October.

One important note, ALL of the candidates who are on the program this year asked me to be on the show.

Also airing later this month in October, is candidate for the 2nd District Melanie O'Brien. On the show, she covers the issues that she feels are important to the district.

There is next to Comcast, where the show is taped, a wonderful Christian Arts and Life Center called The Bridge. On the show are two of the several founders talking about the center, what they do and what it means to them.

It sure doesn't seem like it, but this set of shows I did with political cartoonist Mark Brewer just over 10 years ago. We take a look at his art and his message and what it takes to be a good political cartoonist.

Show One:

Show Two:

Here is a set of two show I did in 1997 with then Bethel School System Superintendent Bob Gilcrest in 1997.

Part One:

Part Two:

2008 Memorial Day Parade

2008 Memorial Day Parade held in Danbury, Connecticut. Produced by Joe Pisinelli of On The Run Productions.

I have not done a "Best of" show for several years, but here is one I did for the year 1996.



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