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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Several More Shows From The Vault

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Several More Shows From The Vault

Presents here is father and son racing team Kevin And Mike Keeler. Video of Mike racing in various sized cars throughout his life are shown.

Interviewed on the show is former Danbury Fair Racearena drivers Don Lajoie and Carmine Benincaso.

They talk about their memories of racing on the legendary track.

From 2003 comes a show taped with Pro Bethel Party Chairman Bob Crnic examining the insanity of a US military invasion of Iraq. The program was taped before 19 March 2003, the neocons and globalist changed the world into a post pre-emptive war world that we all suffer in now with their invasion of Iraq.

Next is one of those shows that were done over the years in what I call the "Almost Live" format. It was taped about an hour and a half before it was to air on 12 May 1997. The show covered the important issues of the day.

Time Out in the year 2000 covered how the Town of Bethel took advantage of a blind man by re-routing the brook that runs across his and his neighbor's property in order to make his neighbor's land more valuable.

As of 2008, this issue is still yet to be resolved.

Much of the program was shot on location, showing the water damage that occurs on the property whenever there is heavy rainfall.

One of the subjects on the program has always been sports. Back around 2002 I did this show with two man Luge athlete Daniel Joye and his father. Daniel is one of the best American Luge athletes in the United States.

Part One:

Part Two:

Over the years I've had the Mayor of Danbury on the show a few times a year to talk about the current issues facing the city. This show was taped back in 1997 with then Danbury Mayor Gene Eriquez.

Time Out interviewed two members of the group Preservation Advocates for Terre Haute. They talk about who they are, their mission and why the Terre Haute land in Bethel / Danbury CT is important and should be preserved.



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