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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Shows From The Time Out Vault

Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Shows From The Time Out Vault

Here are several of the past shows that I've recently converted from video tape to digital format

Up first are two shows recorded in 2002 with Alan Brace of New Jersey.

In the first show, Mr. Brace's guitar playing is featured. Mr. Brace talks about his guitar playing, his musical influences in the UK he had while growing up there and how he overcame a severe hand and nerve injury to be able to play again.

Mr. Brace is an Englishman who has been living in the country for a long time and is married to an American. Mr. Brace very recently acquired his American citizenship.

In the second show, Mr. Brace and I talked about the events of 9-11, which happened about a year before this show was taped. I am looking back, very happy that I was able to get this interview and in effect get an "Englishman in New York" view of the event.

Up next is many time Bethel Charter Revision Chairman Timothy Beeble.

Taped in 2003, discussed were many of the proposed Charter changes.

Over the years of doing the program, I've had the opportunity to interview many of the Danbury area's personalties. Here is an interview I did with 35 year WLAD DJ Vinnie James.

In the interview, he speaks about his life in local Danbury, CT. radio broadcasting and what he is doing with his life after radio.

From the year 2003 is an interview with the two organizers for an AIDS benefit bike ride in the greater Danbury Connecticut area.

From believe it or not 1998, ten years ago, comes this interview with former Selectman and now in 2008, current Chairman of the Bethel, CT Board of Finance, Phil Gallagher.



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