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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: The Post 2001 Elections Show

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Post 2001 Elections Show

As I have been going through the shows from the archives, I have had different reactions to them. This one not only brought many memories back, puta smile on my face and at times even made me laugh out loud.

This was all because of the subject matter covered. Covered on the show was all of the background revealing of the Bethel Democratic Town Committee (BDTC) and how they and Phil Gallagher once more tried to to destroy the Pro Bethel Party.

This program took the perverbial lid off of the 2001 election season that year and laid all of their dirty tricks and backstabbing out in plain sight for the general public to see.

This may not be a show that the BDTC will like to see again, but this is part of the political history for the town of Bethel and goes a very long way in explaining why the BDTC keeps loosing elections.



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