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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: The Entire two Hour 2003 Election Night Show

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Entire two Hour 2003 Election Night Show

Here is the entire 2003 election night show. This is up on Google video in super high quality and is two hours long.

The program that evening was on the air from 9pm - 11pm and featured former Danbury Mayor Jimmy Dyer, Lynn Waller, Frank Infurchia, Jeff Heyel and former radio show host Wayne Winsley.

The program covered the election results and featured coverage of the voting machine meltdown in Bethel that year when a majority of the lever operated machines failed.

The machine meltdown led to then incumbent 1st Selectman Judy Novachek to file a lawsuit regarding the vote outcome which was followed up on shows the months after this.

Live interviews with the winning candidates in Danbury and a phone interview with the Connecticut Secretary of State's office on the Bethel voting machine situation are in the show.



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