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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Shows From 1999 And 2003

Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Shows From 1999 And 2003

Here is a new set of shows from the Time Out eleven year archives. First up is a look back to 2002 with an interview with the Bethel Citizen's Advisory Council which was appointed by then Bethel, CT 1st Selectman Judy Novachek.

They were charged into looking into the problem of the proposed high voltage power lines that were being proposed by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P). Covered this important issue on the program for several months and worked hard to make sure that the high voltage power lines were at the very least buried through Bethel's Education Park.

More shows on the power lines will be forthcoming soon.

Now lets take a look back to the 1999 elections in Bethel. Here are the two last shows done leading up to the town elections that year. These two shows both featured 1st Selectman candidate Mike Duff and Town Clerk candidate Geraldine F. Mills.

Show number one:

Show number two:

In 2003 we had on Time Out an interview with then Chairman of the Bethel, Connecticut Inlands / Wetlands Commission Julie Sorcek. At the time of the interview, she had been on the commission for nine years and had been its chairman for three. We got the chance that evening to cover many issues facing the commission and the town.

Now lets take a look at Danbury, Connecticut's vast photographic history. This was provided for us by the great people over at the Danbury Museum and Historical Society. On the program in 2003 was Brigid Durkin who has many wonderful appearences on the show over the years.

Time Out Productions presents an interview from 2003 with the Bethel Land Trust. The interview covers how they got started, their mission and their members. Their website is and more information about the group can be found there.



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