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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Shows From The Time Out Archives

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Shows From The Time Out Archives

Here are several more shows from the Time Out Archives. Most of these date back from 2000 or 2001.

Before we get to the shows, I want to let everybody know the URL for Time Out Productions official presence on YouTube. Go check them out. The addy is

The first two shows in this set that I'm posting seem to go together very well. First is a show I did with the late Cliff Hurgin, who was a six term First Selectman for the town of Bethel. The town's municiple center is named after him in his honor.

The show covers in depth how the town's budget process works and how in fact it is a 365 day process and not just something that happens when people go to the polls to vote on the proposed town & education budgets.

* Please also note that there was some damage to the video tape that these shows were copied from, so at time the video results could be spotty. If and when I find a better quality version, I will get those posted.

Cliff Hurgin Budget Show

Next is a show from around the same time period with the former Bethel Superintendent of schools Bob Gilcrest discussing the budget issues for the Bethel school system.

Bob Gilcrest School Budget Show

Next up is a show I did with Peg Daley, who at the time of the taping (circa 1999) was the six year chair woman of the Housatonic Valley Economic Development Commission. Their website is

Peg Daley

Over the years that the show has been on the air, local attorney Jeff Heyel has been on covering different subjects. Mr. Heyel is a civil rights attorney and on this show we took the time to explore what the American With Disabilities Act is.

Jeff Heyel on the American With Disabilities Act

Time Out Pro Bethel Campaign Show From 1997

This show once again featured Pro Bethel Party chairman Bob Crnic and Joe Coniglio speaking on the election issues of the day. Bob was at that time making his first run for the office of First Selectman and Joe Coniglio was running for a spot on the town's Board of Finance.

The First Show of 1997

This was the the first show of 1997 with Bob Crnic and Mike Duff covering the issues of the day. These shows are always a great look back in time to see what the issues of the day were. Again, because the show is some 11 years old, the very beginning of the show has some damage. What the ravages of time will do to video tape! :(

Time Out Gene Eriquez From 10-27-2000

This is an interview conducted with former Danbury, Connecticut mayor Gene Eriquez on the issues of the day. Over the years Mayor Eriquez was one the program, he was always very gracious and always made time to be on the program.

Time Out Y2K Show

Now that it is almost September of 2008, I'll bet few of us have given much thought to the computer term "Y2K." This was on all of our minds back in 1999. Here is a show that I did with internet expert Bob Brand in early December of 1999 and aired later in the month on how to prepare for that dreaded Y2K bug.

Time Out Geraldine Mills Town Clerk 2001

From the 2001 elections: this is an interview with the Pro Bethel Party's candidate for Bethel, Connecticut Town Clerk Geraldine F. Mills.

Pro Bethel Party 2001 Press Conference

This is a Pro Bethel Party press conference at the their headquarters from 2001. The headquarters that year were next to Famous Pizza in the P.T. Barnum Square. Covered in the press conference were mainly Bethel school and educational issues. Featured are Pro Bethel Party Chairman Bob Crnic, Jim Bryan, then incumbent Selectman running for re-election and candidates for the Board of Education.

Recently I posted an interview of the late Denis Riordan, who was the Chairman of Bethel's Planning and Zoning Commission. In 1998 I did a set of two shows with Mr. Riordan and Jonathan Chew. Mr. Chew at the time of the taping was the Executive Director of the Housatonic Council of Elected Officials.

Part One:

Part Two:



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