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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Shows New And Old

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Shows New And Old

Hello everyone! :)

Here are the latest shows...

David A. Stevenson Interview

This is an interview I just did (and has not aired yet on local television) with 107th District Democrat candidate David A. Stevenson. Covered on the program is why he is running and what he feels are the important issues to the district and the campaign.

John McGowan Presents Show For 22 August 2008

This is the 22 August 2008 Edition of John McGowan Presents. Covered on the program were a variety of subjects.

John McGowan Presents For 15 August 2008

I co-host John McGowan's program "John McGowan Presents..." and this is the show from 15 August 2008.

Now more from the Time Out Productions archives:

I have not made a post since the 17th of August. During that time, I have been very busy converting many of my old shows from video tape to an uploadable digital format suitable for services like YouTube.

During the past week or so that I've been converting shows, I've come across several older gems. It is a real pleasure to be able to share these with you now.

From 1998: Former Head Librarian Alice Knapp With Wendy Reynolds

This is an interview with then head Librarian Alice Knapp and Friends of The Library member Wendy Reynolds on the Bethel Public Library and its future.

From 2001: An Interview With Current Head Librarian Lynn Rosato

Time Out Mayor Mark Boughton 2005

This is a 2005 interview with Danbury, Connecticut Mayor Mark Boughton. Covered on the program were the issues of the day.

Time Out Presents Local Trains 2005

This is a show that I've always though was very kool because it featured color film footage of the trains running through Bethel, Danbury and Ridgefield dating as far back as 1948! Joining me on the show was local railway expert Dan Gallo.

Time Out Live Call In Show From 7 November 2005

This was the live one hour morning call in show from 7 November 2005. This was the day before the municiple elections and covered during the show were several of the more contested campaigns.

Joint Meeting Between The Bethel Board Of Selectman & The Bethel Golf Authority On 11 December 2000

One of the most rewarding times I have personally experienced was the fight I undertook with many others from both Bethel and Danbury to stop the building of a golf course of all things on the Terre Haute property that sits in Bethel and Danbury.

Below is most of a meeting that was held on the 11th of December 2000 between the now (thank God) disbanded Bethel Golf Authority and the Bethel Board of Selectmen. Its important to note that this meeting took place after the Bethel voters had overwhelmingly voted down the BGA's Golf Course proposal. Please bear this in mind when watching the video.

Time Out Live From 11 February 1998

This is the live call in show from 11 February 1998. Covered on the program are the issues of the day. Watching a show like this from a little more than ten years ago proves two basic things; first that these live shows in many ways act like a snap shot in time and second, that the old saying about how the more things change, the more they stay the same is really very true indeed.

Liba Furman powerALERT Shows

The year 1997 had many good shows and some of these were very activist oriented. On this two part program was former New Milford Mayor Liba Furhman. She headed a group called powerALERT that opposed a power station being built and they actually won and had the proposal shot down. From what I've seen, it is rare for the citizens to win these kinds of cases.

powerALERT Part One:

powerALERT Part Two:

Bob Crnic Conversation On Iraq And Other Issues

Over the years that the show has been on, Bob Crnic, the co-founder and Chairman of the Pro Bethel Party has been a very regular guest. You would see him on nearly every live show. This show was aired in 2002 after 9-11 and before the invasion and now occupation of Iraq.

Bethel High School Soccer Coach Ray Flanigan

Also from 1997 are two shows I did with then Bethel High School Soccer Coach Ray Flanigan who coached his team to being ranked nationally to #6 in the nation. The first show is with Mr. Flanigan and two of his three tri-captians.

Part One:

Part Two:

Time Out Live 4 December 1996

Since the beginnings of the show, the live call in format has always been a staple. I have always much enjoyed doing these live shows because of the uncontrolled, unpredictable format where literally anything can and will happen. Here is an early live show from late 1996:

Time Out Live 5 March 1997

Speaking of being unpredictable, this early live show is a great example. Late in the program, then fellow access producer Barbara Monsky (who was murdered by her neighbor a few years ago) calls in with a bone to pick with myself and those on camera that evening.

Alan Schlesinger 1996

Time Out Productions Interviews Congressional Candidate Alan Schlesinger in 1996.

The First Cigar Show

This is one of those shows that I was able to have a lot of fun with because it is not the type of show that one normally sees on access television. These are the types of shows that I enjoy doing the most. One the program was a very interesting look at how cigars are made and their long history. On the show is cigar importer Thomas Sullivan.

Danbury Judge of Probate Diane Yamin

From 1998: This is an interview With Diane Yamin, the Judge of Probate for the City of Danbury, Connecticut.

Mortgage Show

This is an interview with a mortgage broker and real estate lawyer on how to have your real estate purchase go smoothly. Contains useful information everyone should know. Taped in 2006.

Denis Riordan 1996

Time Out Productions interview with then Bethel, Connecticut Planning & Zoning Chairman in 1996 on the issues facing the Planning & Zoning Commission. At the time this was taped I was also an alternate on the commission. Featured on the program is the late Denis Riordan in 1996. Mr. Riordan lost his battle with cancer in November of 2002. I dedicate this show to his memory.

1996 Elections Wrap Up Show

This is the 1996 Time Out Elections wrap up show which aired on 8 November 1996. On the program was Bob Crnic, speaking on the Congressional race then between Gary Franks and Jim Maloney. (Maloney won) Also covered were several other Connecticut issues. It is a fascinating look back in time to the important issues of the day.

Shalamazoo 2007

This is the live performance of Joe Shaboo children's book "Shalamazoo" as performed at the Ives Center in Danbury, Connecticut in July, 2007. I did the graphics for the special.

For more information about Shalamazoo, please see the official webpage at

2001 NFL Draft Top Picks Interviews

In 2001, I had gotten press passes for the TV show to cover the NFL Draft. Below are parts of four interviews that were with the top four draft picks that year. The first video is of the now infamous Michael Vick and his first interview with the assembled sports media:

The 2nd overall pick was Leonard Davis, picked by the Azizona Cardinals:

The 3rd overall pick was LaDanian Tomlison, of the San Diego Chargers and his interview with the sports media:

This is the interview #4 overall pick Justin Smith, of the Cincinnati Bengals and his interview with the sports media:

These are the first two shows I did with the Danbury Historical Society. The shows were done with then director Maryanne Root.

Part One

Part Two



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