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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Video From The Zombie Nation Conference From 2 June 2007

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Video From The Zombie Nation Conference From 2 June 2007

Over the past week and a half, I've been very busy decoding a lot of video, both of my own shows and other content that I've gotten the rights to put on the blog and onto YouTube.

First up is video from the Zombie Nation Conference that was held back in 2007 on the 2nd of June. The conference was run by Pastor Butch Paugh of West Virginia, which is also where the Conference was held.

The speakers who were assembled are some of the best known experts in the world on their subjects of expertise.

Up first is political activist Joan Veon Speaking about the creeping world government that is being formed around us.

Next is the "Freeze Dry Guy" talking about how important it is for people to have storable food on hand.

Melody Cedarstrom speaking at the Zombie Nation Conference in June 2007 in West Virginia. She speaks on why people should own precious metals like silver and gold. This is by far the best protection for the devaluating dollar and the rising inflation of an economy about to go bad.

Dr. Nick Begich speaking at the Zombie Nation Conference held in West Virginia in June 2007. Dr. Begich speaks on the subject of mind control and the developing technologies to make it even more effective.
Dr. Begich is also an expert on the H.A.A.R.P. program and touches briefly on this subject and on the importance of quantum computing and how it fits into the overall agenda.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is one on the world's leading experts on radio frequency Identification. (RFID) This is her presentation on the subject at the Zombie Nation Conference held in West Virginia in June 2007. If you do not know much about this, it is vital that you get a good, basic understanding of this and it will effect your life in perhaps the near future.

Russ Dizdar speaking of the spiritual warfare of the times we are living in. This is a very powerful presentation.

Dr. Ron Green speaking at the Zombie Nation Conference. He speaks on some of the known health benefits of various natural foods.

Joyce Riley speaking on Gulf War Illness and several other important subjects at the Zombie Nation Conference.

Charlotte Iserbyt, who was the senior policy advisor on education in President Reagan's Department of Education, speaks on the dumbing down of America's children in the public school system.

Rev. Carl Sanders of Arkansas speaks on the various versions of the Bible. How they came to be and why the King James Version is superior to the others out there and why.

Dave vonKliest speaks on 9-11 at the Zombie Nation Conference held in West Virginia on 2 June 2007. Mr. vonKliest is the producer and host of the 9-11 documentaries "9-11: In Plain Site" and "9-11 Ripple Effect." In his presentation he shows a clip from "9-11 Ripple Effect."

Last, but certainly not least is Pastor Butch Paugh's presentation at the Zombie Nation Conference held in West Virginia in June 2007. He speak on the vast mind control that is being used on the world's population, by way of the the mass media and the other means so well illustrated by the other speakers at the conference.

I want to thank Pastor Butch Paugh for the permission to convert the video and put it up on YouTube and here on the blog. For me, it was a life changing day, being able to listen to all of the powerful and knowledgable speakers that came to present that day.

Pastor Butch Paugh's radio show is heard on the Genesis Communication Network Monday - Friday evenings from 9pm - 10pm and his website is

You can find these videos also on my YouTube home page which is



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