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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: More Brutality In Iraq

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Brutality In Iraq

These British soldiers are beating up civilians. This is wrong. There is no reason America or the "coalition" should be in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Oil interest vs civilian lives and a whole country torn apart.

According to Iraqi civilians, there was no secular violence. Go check out

According to this one lady in Iraq whose husband was killed by an American soldier, her husband was a Shiite and she was a Sunni. Her neighbors were a variety including Christian and no violence until Americans and the "Coalition of the Killing" came in. You decide.

I want you to really listen to the sound of the person's voice who is on the recording. The sound of pure evil incarnate. These are the types of compromised people who are coming back to our shores to be police offices and this is why you and I and our neighbors are seeing exactly this type of behavior from cops around the US. Is this the kind of behavior you would want from the cop who pulled you over for speeding or for even asking him for directions?

I believe that we as Americans we will have to stop "supporting the troops" if this will be the new normal for conduct of our military personnel. Back in the days of the Vietnam War, the troops came home when the US public stopped supporting the war and the troops.

We can no longer stand to the side and believe that we are uneffected bystanders in this evil.

We must come to the humbling realization that we once we were a great nation. No more.
I know that we as a nation are going to have to atone for the war crimes happening
there which are too numerous to count. We as a country are going to pay dearly for what we have allowed to be done in our name.

As a country, we used to be great because we were good. Now we are no longer good and as a result, we have lost our greatness.
Compare what you have just seen in Iraq to what happened recently in Philadelphia, PA. You tell me what the difference is because I don't see any.



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