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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: First Set Of New Shows

Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Set Of New Shows

Hello again to all of the viewers of the TV show both on Comcast and over the world wide web! As you will see, I have been very busy getting many of the past shows
encoded. Recently, I was able to track down a software package that makes it possible for me to encode from analog video to a digital format that can be upload to
places like YouTube and Google Video. Without getting into all of the gory details, this means that there will be a lot of activity on this blog, so make sure you come back and visit often, because you'll be seeing many of the past shows here all too soon.

First up is a recent interview I did with Duran Duran's former lead guitarist of 15 years, Warren Cuccurullo. Warren was discovered by the late great Frank Zappa and was a member of Zappa's band. From there, he was a founding member of the band Missing Persons with fellow Zappa band mate drummer Dale Bozio.

Scroll down a little ways and please check out two interviews that will give you some awesome backgrounding on Frank Zappa. There is his 1980's era appearance on the TV show Crossfire and on a now defunct BBC TV show Music Box.

If after seeing the interview, you would like to find out more about Warren, he has a MySpace page and that is so check it out if you dare! ;)

Next up is an interview I did not too long ago with fellow long time cable access producer Walter Hronchik, who produces the program Earth Matters. Walter has been producing his show for some 20 plus years.

I have always been truly thilled to have this next guest on my program and that is the former Asst. Sec. of the US Treasury and now (my favorite) columnist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Dr. Roberts in my humble opinion calls it like it is politically down in the district of criminals (Washington DC) and he worked with many of these madmen in the Reagan White House. It is because of this that I have always highly valued his insights on the current happenings at the Hill and many other important world happenings. This is important because the very same madmen he was working with in the Reagan Whitehouse are the same ones running the country into the ground right now are a gearing up for a war in Iran.

Next up are two interviews I did about one year ago with political activist Walter Reddy of Easton, CT. In this first of two interviews we discuss the rampant vote fraud going on all over the country because of the use of these very fraudulent electronic voting machines. Walter, to his credit, has been very radio active in getting the word out about how bad these machines are. He is currently involved with the 50 state lawsuit to stop the use of these machines and is suing Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysewicz.

I have soon another show on vote fraud I'll be posting, so please watch for it.

On this second show with Walter, we discuss the effect and role secret societies in our american culture. I feel this show is a really good intro to learning about about secret societies if you do not know much on the subject.

I plan to have Walter back on the show again soon. Over the summer of 2007, Walter was very active helping with the Ron Paul campaign. I'll have him talk about those experiences, and yes even with Rep. Ron Paul personnally while on the campaign trail with him.

Coming up in the next day or two will be the recent 2007 Election night show, all three hours of it posted here.

Enjoy the shows and tell a friend to stop by the blog.



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