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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Update On Blog, TV Show And Great News!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update On Blog, TV Show And Great News!!!

As some of you who visit this blog on a regular basis may have noticed, there has been a lack of new show videos being uploaded over the past few months. The bad news is that the person who was able to encode the shows for me from video tape was not able to do it for me anymore. The good news is now I am operational with some new software which will convert the video directly into a digitally encoded form that I can upload onto websites like Google video and YouTube.

I am completely overjoyed to let all of you know that you will be seeing about three to six new videos of the TV show Time Out With Kevin Gallagher appearing on this blog each week. I have been in the process over the past year of archiving the past 11 years worth of shows from video tape to DVD and now these will be converted into an uploadable form to YouTube and Google Video.

I will be on Friday converting the recent election night show, all three hours of it and uploading this to Google Video, so please look for this on the blog perhaps sometime next week.

So here is the first show from the archives that I'm posting. It is from early 2003 with WLAD's Sports Director Bart Busterna and current Head Football Coach for Western Connecticut State University John Burrell. In this show they talk about the football program there at WCSU. Time Out has had two of the previous head coaches on the show, including former WCSU head coach Bob Surace, who is now an offensive line coach with the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals. Also covered on the program was the upcoming Superbowl 38 between the Panthers and Patriots.

Coach Surace last appeared on the program shortly before the start of the current NFL 2007-2008 Season in person on the program.

On Friday, I'll be uploading the recent interview I did with the former 15 year member of the world famous rock band Duran Duran, Warren Cuccurullo.

Please be sure to check back often to this blog because there is going to be a lot happening here and I do not want any of you to miss a thing!



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