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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: We Are Change Reporter Arrested For Asking Lord Guilani A Question

Friday, June 22, 2007

We Are Change Reporter Arrested For Asking Lord Guilani A Question

On 20 June 2007, we had our latest edition of the LIVE! version of the weekly show. About every three months, I am allowed by contract to do one live show and this recent live show was one of those rare shows that totally exceeded my expectations.

The guests on this show have recently been making national news headlines, with the arrest of Matt Lepacek in New Hampshire, for simply asking former New York City Mayor and current Presidential candidate Rudy Guilani, a question he would rather not answer.

Originally, Mr. Lepacek was arrested for "trespassing." The charge was totally out to lunch because Mr. Lepacek was credentialed press through not only, but also through Genesis Communication Network talk show host Alex Jones and his website

It gets worse, Mr. Lepacek was in CNN's "Spin Room" were the media meets the candidates after an event like a debate, in which this was the case. Lastly, but not least in importance, is the clear violation of Mr. Lepacek's Constitutional rights found in the First Admendment.

Below is the video from of the actual incident at the second debate in New Hampshire.



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