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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: 7 March 2007 Live Show

Sunday, April 08, 2007

7 March 2007 Live Show

Here is the last live show which was on these fraudulent electronic voting machines that Connecticut Sec.Of State Susan Bysiewicz has forced onto every town and city in Connecticut. The machines being used will be the Diebold Accu-vote scanner type which are the very worst of the worst.

In the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy", it is seen how easy it is to hack the results of an election by a non-savvy computer user. Below is a clip of Bev Harris showing Howard Dean how easy it is to hack what is called "the master tabulator."

Our Sec. of State is using misrepresentations and misconceptions the general public has regarding the HAVA Act of 2002 or the very mis-named "Have America Vote Act of 2002."

This act makes clear two standards that each state must meet. First is that any machines used to register votes have a paper trail (ironically, none of these electronic devices have one) and that the handicapped are able to vote without assistance which means they are able to vote in private. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE ACT THAT STIPULATES THAT ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES BE USED BECAUSE THEY DO NOT MEET THE STANDARDS SET DOWN IN THE ACT.

In Bethel, the second part of this act has been complied with as of the past election cycle according to Bethel's Town Clerk.

Case in point, Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) has HR 550 in the house that would require a printer to be hooked up to these machines. But this is only smoke & mirrors because these electronic voting machines DO NOT offer any transparency in the tabulating process. All these printers would do is confirm the fraud that took place inside the machine and give the registrar a ticker tape read out of the "results". This clearly IS NOT a paper trail.

Here is how they hacked one of these machines in question in less than 9 minutes at the Univeristy of Princeton.

This is the video of the testamony of Clinton Curtis, who has been hired to hack many elections around the country.

So please bear this in mind when watching my live show from 7 March 2007. On camera with me this evening was local attorney Jerry Leaphart. On the telephone with us are the co-editors of, Vicki Karp and Abbe DeLozier.

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. I can be reached by writing kgallagher01@


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