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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: Alex Jones Terror Storm Film Featured On Time Out

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alex Jones Terror Storm Film Featured On Time Out

The Friday evening, 23 March 2007 and Monday morning 26 March 2007 shows will feature part one of the Alex Jones documentary "Terror Storm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism"

For those of you would would like to see the entire film after getting a taste of part one, this critically acclaimed, professionally done, entertaining and informative film can be seen on Google Video in the box below.

Alex Jones is a national radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network and is heard on many AM & FM radio stations around the country. His program, "The Alex Jones Show" is heard world wide via short wave radio and over the world wide web from 12 noon to 3pm eastern time.

Mr. Jones is from Austin, Texas and has a total of 15 documentary films to his credit.

This is a documentary that will raise as many eyebrows as it opens eyes. Alex's no holds barred, take no prisoners appoach is refreshing to many. His political analysis skills are of legend - Two weeks before 9-11, on his radio show, he predicted that the world trade center would be hit by a major terrorist attack and that CIA agent / patsy bin Ladin would be blamed for the event.

As always, I encourage people to contact me about the shows they see on my program, both on community access, on my blog, on google video and Your comments are welcome and can be directed to and I will answer as many of the e-mails as possible, as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for watching and being as informed as possible.

--- Kevin Gallagher