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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher: John McGowan Presents Shows

Monday, June 08, 2009

John McGowan Presents Shows

Here are several episodes of John McGowan Presents which I am the co-host of.

First up is the program from 3 April 2009 with the publisher of The International Forecaster. His newsletter is highly read all over the world. Covered on the show is the current issues of the day.

This is the interview with Dr. Begich from the 10 April 2009 live call in program. Covered on the show was mind control, Edward Bernays, H.A.A.R.P. technology, Dr. Jose Delgato and quantum computing.

This is the 17 April 2009 Live call in show. Covered on the program are videos on the so-called two party system, personal sovereignty and much more.

This is the 5 September 2008 edition of the live show.

John McGowan Presents the monthly visit onto the program of Bob Chapman, the publisher, editor and writer of the International Forecaster.

Covered on the program were the important issues of the day.



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